What are others going through?

It seems that although we pass through each-other’s lives every-day, we don’t ever take into consideration what another person is going through. We joke around and continue to act the usual way we’re used to, but we never think outside of the box. What if the person you think is genuinely happy, is actually depressed?

We need to understand that rather or not we want to treat others with decency, it’s a part of humanity. It isn’t difficult to treat someone with respect. We’re all human beings. What’s difficult for a person like me to grasp, is that someone will go through depressing and saddening situations, and yet be the absolute most positive person they can be. While we have others that will be cruel and evil (to a good person,) all because they found a reason to, when in all reality their life is stable. Apply yourself in the most positive way you can. Don’t let your egotistical ways get the best of you, and don’t get too confident in destroying another human being. You cannot continuously walk around with so much confidence that another person is going to be okay with accepting your negativity. Well of course you can, but why? That last thing you said, or that last gesture you made, may have been enough to make someone go home and cry themselves to sleep. I guess in easier terms all I’m trying to say is, it’s a matter of being mean to a good person. Why do it? Why be sarcastically cruel to someone who is a good person with so much positivity. Do human beings with stable lives create negativity because deep down they have their own personal issues they’re battling?

Be a good person with positivity to give, despite what you go through, because you pass people every day who have it much worse but manage to pass positivity around like free candy. Remember, apply yourself in the most positive way you can.


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